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Presentation: HIMSS 2021

Download the presentation by Dr. Bill Lewis from the Consumerism and Patient Engagement stage at HIMSS and learn the best practices for sustainable, successful RPM programs.

User Manual: iScale

See how to set up, use, and maintain the personal iScale device

Cellular Connectivity with AT&T

See how to check your area for coverage by AT&T’s cellular network

How to Use the iBloodPressure Cuff

Learn how to test your blood pressure using the iBloodPressure cuff, including how to apply the cuff and take a reading.

iGlucose Cellular-Enabled Blood Glucose Meter Demo

See how iGlucose simplifies diabetes management, eliminating pairing, manual logbooks or downloading BG results

Population Health Management Growth Tool/Toolkit

Create a sustainable reimbursable RPM program

Why Cellular Wins Over Bluetooth in Connect Healthcare

See why cellular has the edge over Bluetooth for RPM

RPM Reimbursement Guides

Learn about the latest CPT codes you can use for your RPM practice