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Our proprietary cellular RPM™ devices support the majority of chronic conditions and securely transmit patient testing data.

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Blood Pressure Monitors


iBloodPressure® is an incredible combination of superior accuracy and affordability to support RPM for blood pressure monitoring.

How to use iBloodPressure®

iBloodPressure® Plus

iBloodPressure Plus is a feature-rich blood pressure monitor to support RPM. Features include voice assist for improved accessibility, automatic cuff detection to ensure patients are using the device correctly, and on-screen, color-coded blood pressure indicators to help patients interpret their reading.

How to use 
iBloodPressure® Plus

iBloodPressure® 2.0

Made in partnership with A&D, a leader in consumer medical devices, the iBP 2.0 offers unparalleled reliability and is VDL certified for clinical accuracy.

A&D Medical ISO 81060-2, ISO 9001, ISO 13485 certified company.

iBloodPressure® Classic

Enables remote patient monitoring of hypertension and cardiovascular disease for a wide range of patients with large and XL cuff options and is VDL certified for clinical accuracy.

US Blood Pressure Validated Device Listing
US and International Patents Pending
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Glucose Meters

iGlucose® Plus

The improved iGlucose® Plus sets the gold standard for accuracy, reliability, and convenience in cellular blood glucose monitoring for diabetes management. Because the iGlucose Plus includes real gold in the test strips, it provides more accurate results.  It is a Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution with real-time testing results, securely transmitted to the care team. 

Exclusive Cellular RPM™ Connectivity to the Smart Meter Private Data Network and Platform
Easy to Read, Large Colored LCD Display Screen
HCT Supports a Range Between 20% and 60%
Memory Stores up to 500 Blood Glucose Tests with Date and Time
Meal Markers can be Set On/Off on the Display Screen for Pre/Post-Meal
Includes Airplane Mode Setting for Easy Use While Traveling
Result Averages Shown for the Last 7, 14, 30, 60 and 90 Days of Testing
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iGlucose® Essential

This outstanding device delivers an FDA-cleared, reliable blood glucose monitor packed with features that make it easy for users to manage their diabetes while securely delivering testing results to their physicians.

Easiest to use, patient-friendly BGM helps improve testing
Ergonomic design, providing a comfortable feel for easy testing
Large screen display that shows precise test results and information
One-button operation and automatic shut-off after use
Auto eject of strip improves hygiene and infection control
On-screen alerts for Ketone and Hypo blood glucose readings
Gives users more control in managing their condition
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Pulse Oximeters


iPulseOx® provides cellular-connected measurement of oxygen saturation in the bloodstream, ideal for remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM).

US Patent Number 11872011 International Patents Pending
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Weight Scales


iScale® offers a patient-friendly design, high-quality performance, and affordability for cellular-connected weight management RPM.

How to use iScale®
US and International Patents Pending
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iScale® Plus

iScale® Plus measures up to 551 pounds and features a wider-than-normal base for better stability and patient safety for the ultimate in cellular-connected weight management RPM.

How to use iScale® Plus
US and International Patents Pending
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In the event of a cellular network outage, lack of connectivity, or any scenario where a Smart Meter device is not able to successfully transmit readings, our devices are designed to store readings, including the date and time of readings, in the device’s memory and forward them upon the next successful reading transmission. Smart Meter devices and data ingest are designed to assure completeness and consistency of the dataset.
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Say goodbye to manual supply management for remote patient monitors and maximize patient care efficiency with our cutting-edge auto-supply shipping. Our integrated system ensures continuous access to essential materials, elevating patient testing and liberating staff time.
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