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Improves Reimbursement An Average Of 37%

Device Use Optimization Program

Maximize Device Use Effortlessly with SmartTouch

Our turn-key service complements existing care management services by offloading the menial work dealing with device issues, allowing your staff to care for more patients. Our service incorporates proprietary data logic in our platform, AI Virtual Assistants, human experts, and behavioral science, encouraging patients to test more frequently. Increased testing by your patients supports better-informed decision-making and optimizes your business.

Our AI-driven service eliminates the complexities of device-specific issues, allowing your team to concentrate on premium care management. With our proprietary data logic, AI virtual assistants, human experts, and behavioral science, our turn-key program is proven to increase device usage. Your company can efficiently manage more devices, reduce operational burdens, and elevate your healthcare services.

Turn-key service offloads the menial work of supporting device-specific issues.
Your team can focus on care management.
Your company can increase revenue and reduce operational costs.

Proven to be Effective

The SmartTouch service is shown to be an effective solution for improving device use.

• The results above were from a customer with a group of devices that had never completed a testing day several months prior.
• Within weeks, 69% completed six or more testing days.

How We Help

The service includes device setup and education on use.
Intermittent outreach encourages regular use of the device.
Outreach delivered using AI-driven modalities and human experts.

Benefits of Using SmartTouch

The SmartTouch service is shown to be an effective solution for improving device use.

AI-driven service proven to improve device usage within weeks.
Ensures device training & troubleshooting are patient-optimized.
Reduces operating costs by up to 58%.
Allows your company to manage more patients cost-effectively.
Reduces burden on care management staff, allowing them to work at the top of their license.
Improves team satisfaction, reducing the cost of retention and hiring.
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Nine easy-to-use devices setting a new benchmark in healthcare.

Explore our state-of-the-art cellular RPM™ devices that are reshaping the healthcare landscape, setting new standards for precision and connectivity.
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