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Empowering RPM Success

The No. 1 supplier of cellular RPM™ technology for remote monitoring of patients.

No Bluetooth® Hub Required

All Smart Meter solutions send the reading immediately after testing with no synching, pairing, WiFi or Hub required.

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Private Data Network
Fast, Private & Secure

The Only Private Data Network Built for RPM.

We partnered with AT&T to create the only private data network specifically built for RPM.

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Proprietary Cellular RPM™ Devices

iGlucose® Essential

Our easiest to use glucometer that features Ketone and Hypo alerts

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Combines impressive accuracy and affordable cost to provide a blood pressure monitor for a wide variety of populations.

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iBloodPressure® Plus

Features Voice Assist for greater accessibility. It also features intelligent cuff positioning detection and accuracy that exceeds industry standards.

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An affordable scale that can be used for ages 10 and up. Features a large screen display, weight capacity of 440 pounds and non-slip surface.

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iScale® Plus

Formerly our iScale, this scale can be used for Pediatric and Bariatric patients. It has a weight capacity of 551 pounds, is larger than most scales for better stability, and has a non-slip surface.

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100% Quality Guarantee:
We stand behind our solutions

We have a 100% quality guarantee on all of our products, data, platform, and services. If anything fails to meet your standards, we will resolve the problem to your satisfaction.

Everything Working Seamlessly

We simplify deployment and management of remote patient monitoring so you can focus on transforming healthcare.

Battle-Tested Platform Reliability

Our world-class systems operate with unmatched uptime and are highly scalable and redundant, assuring your data will always be timely.


Uptime since 2017.

Proprietary Cellular RPM™ Monitoring Devices

Our curated device collection delivers the ideal patient-friendly experience, helping patients regularly test and optimize reimbursement and outcomes.


Patients managed for our partners

Insights and Data to Compete

Our full-featured data management tools, reports, and dashboards help identify opportunities to optimize your business and drive growth.


Data points managed yearly.

World-Class Operations & Logistics

Our world-class operations center can receive and ship your order in less than a day. Need to reach a real person? We answer the phone in one ring or less.


Orders shipped and delivered annually

Stellar Customer Service

Everything needed to help quickly implement an RPM program and manage issues.


Of calls answered before the second ring

Regulatory Compliance

Our devices and solutions comply with HIPAA, FDA, FTC, Medicare, and commercial payor requirements.


Compliant with all regulations and payor requirements.

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100 Plus

Trusted by 400+ Top Healthcare Partners

We supply the platform, devices, and services relied upon by the RPM industry.
"Data flowing into the population management portal has quickly become an essential tool in managing diabetes for our patients. …iGlucose system drives better outcomes for our patients."
— Joel Okner, MD, Cardiologist
"SmartMeter has been integral in the success of building the Remote Patient Monitoring program (RPM) at Texas Advanced Renal Health. It can be a daunting task to start an RPM program, but with SmartMeter's professional responsive team, superior technical support and state of the art remote monitoring devices, we were able launch our RPM program in a matter of days."
— Mohammad N Sadeddin M.D.
Texas Advanced Renal Health
Chief Executive Officer

Anne Chow, CEO of AT&T Business, Illuminates the Journey Behind their Collaboration with Smart Meter: A Mobile World Congress Excerpt

The data needed to run organizations efficiently.

Utilize the patient generated data that we collect seamlessly – and securely – to improve your offerings and optimize the use of our proprietary devices.
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Services that help you grow.

A range of services to help you grow your organization.
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Whether you’re implementing an RPM system for the first time or need to reach new customers with expanded solutions, we’re here to help. To speak with a member of our Sales Team, call 1-813-773-4080 or complete the form below and someone will contact you.

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