Introducing the iScale

With several unique features, the iScale is optimized for connected care in a patient’s home.

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Rapidly Implement a
Reimbursable RPM Solution

SmartRPM offers unmatched data reliability and cellular-connected devices

– iGlucose®

– iBloodPressure™

– iScale™

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See Real-Time Metrics to
Monitor Hypertension

Introducing iBloodPressure™  for cellular-enabled BP monitoring

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Automatically Collect Blood Glucose Levels for Optimal Diabetes Care

iGlucose® delivers health metrics without patient intervention

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The SmartRPM Solution

Transforming RPM for Chronic Conditions

  • Provides Unparalleled Data Reliability
  • Supports Better Patient Outcomes
  • Enables Simple, Rapid Implementation of RPM
  • Supports Treatment of Multiple Chronic Conditions
  • Provides Direct Support to Patients

Multiple Devices,
One Seamless Ecosystem

SmartRPM’s easy-to-use cellular-enabled testing devices automatically share patient data, enabling successful, reimbursable RPM programs that improve patient care and support telehealth services. Smart Meter’s secure and robust Quality Management System ensures HIPAA compliant patient privacy and reliable data.

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Simplifying RPM with a Proven Approach

Smart Meter is an RPM device, data, and technology company that enables personalized patient care and better outcomes through comprehensive, end-to-end solutions for reimbursable, real-time monitoring of chronic conditions.

For Healthcare
Data Providers

Smart Meter provides comprehensive, end-to-end patient monitoring solutions for a number of chronic conditions – including diabetes, hypertension and weight management – that facilitate initial and ongoing reimbursement through the latest CPT codes. The simple, but robust API delivers a scalable RPM platform that is easy to integrate into your RPM or Telehealth platform.

For Healthcare

Smart Meter supports health systems and providers by delivering a comprehensive platform-as-a-service that seamlessly handles RPM data. The secure SmartRPM platform easily integrates into existing EHR systems, or companies can leverage the SmartRPM provider portal.

For Self-Insured Employers and HR Wellness Programs

Smart Meter supports self-insured employers and HR departments by enabling them to easily bring the benefits of RPM to their organization – no matter its size – with an approach that helps organizations drive productivity gains and lower healthcare costs.


"iGlucose’s ability to send BG data to our platform without syncing, pairing, home hubs or cables, is the perfect solution."
– Joshua Claman, Former Chief Executive Officer, Rimidi
"Data flowing into the population management portal has quickly become an essential tool in managing diabetes for our patients. …iGlucose system drives better outcomes for our patients."
– Joel Okner, MD, Cardiologist
"The iGlucose system with real-time data adds tremendous value to our diabetes education program ... The ability to have real-time data in making therapy decisions has been a huge plus."
– Vivian N. Ayuk, PharmD, CDE, Chief Executive Officer, Flexcare Health Solutions
"Because of the remote patient monitoring available with your iGlucose meters, we will discuss the utility of remote patient monitoring for many patients. I can’t thank your company enough for enabling our future physicians an opportunity to gain an understanding of what they might ask of their future patients. "
– Kathryn R Goldman, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Connecticut School of Medicine

Current Partners

Join the hundreds of market-leading RPM companies utilizing Smart Meter’s powerful cellular SmartRPM technology.

News + Events

Press Release | October 12, 2021

Smart Meter and Kardio Partner to Serve 500,000+ Ethnic Senior Patient Population in Greater Los Angeles Area

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Press Release | September 30, 2021

Smart Meter Announces More Than 300% Growth in Patients Served from Q4 2020

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