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Cellular Data vs. Bluetooth®

Smart Meter is proud to have an exclusive relationship with AT&T to provide ultra-reliable data collection over secure cellular networks. Unlike Bluetooth, which requires a device-to-device connection for data transmission, Smart Meter delivers data instantly using cellular-connected devices.
For patients, that means no worries over syncing, WiFi connectivity, dongles, or apps. For providers, that means consistent, reliable data for better patient outcomes and reimbursement. And for our partners, that means seamless data transmission their customers can rely on.
6 out of 10 people  have trouble sending data with Bluetooth® devices.
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Anne Chow, CEO of AT&T Business, discusses their collaboration with Smart Meter
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Everything Working Seamlessly in the Background

We simplify deployment and management of remote patient monitoring so you can focus on transforming healthcare. SmartPartners™ have exclusive access to curated monitoring devices, real-time RPM data stacks, shipping and logistics management, automated refills, and success training services.
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Data Transmission

Our impregnable 4/5G cellular network transports real-time, patient-generated health data

Platform Reliability

Our world-class systems operate with 99.9999% uptime and are highly scalable and redundant, assuring your data will always be timely
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Collected Smartmeter products

Exclusive Cellular Monitoring Devices

Our curated device collection delivers the ideal patient-friendly experience, helping patients regularly test and optimize reimbursement and outcomes

Insights and 
Data to Compete

Our full-featured data management tools, reports, and dashboards help identify opportunities to optimize your business and drive growth

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Shipping & Logistics Management

We ship devices where you need them to go, including direct to patients’ homes. Additional solutions include automated refill replenishment, co-branding, device kitting, and product refurbishment.

Device Training

Our guaranteed device training and guidance can optimize monthly testing data requirements and patient outcomes


Our devices and solutions comply with HIPAA, FDA, FTC, Medicare, and commercial payor requirements

The Backbone of the RPM Industry

Seamlessly moving health data from the patient to your platform is why leaders rely on Smart Meter. By solving these complexities, we enable customers to compile critical insights from health data, transforming care management.
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Trusted by 400+ Healthcare Partners

We supply the platform, devices, and services relied upon by the RPM industry.