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Smart Meter’s Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions Can Help Adults who Gained Weight During the Summer Resume Healthy Practices Before the Winter

September 22, 2022

Smart Meter has become the leader of the remote patient monitoring (RPM) ecosystem because of its reliable cellular-enabled solutions, data, and services. With summer behind us, it’s important for many Americans to resume healthy habits and Smart Meter’s cellular-enabled solutions can help their providers track key health measurements, like blood glucose levels, blood pressure and weight, in real time.

According to research1, one-fifth of American adults gained 20% of their body weight or more over a 10-year period, with more than a third gaining 10% or more and over half gaining 5% of more. On average, Americans gain 17 pounds between the ages of 20 and 39 and an average of 45 pounds during their lifetime.

Gaining weight during the summer can be disappointing, but experts say it’s common. During a one- to three-week vacation, adults tend to gain weight, according to a 2016 study2. While most people know they aren’t going to eat healthy during the holidays and winter, summer foods can also play a part in a person’s poor health. Popular summer beverages like sweet tea and lemonade, and deserts like ice cream and frozen yogurt contain high amounts of sugar and calories.

There are several other possible reasons for summertime weight gain, including:

  • summer BBQs
  • graduation and wedding celebrations
  • vacation food and drink temptations
  • decrease in regular exercise routine due to attending more events

In addition, a lot of people don’t sleep as well in summer because there are more daylight hours, and the warmer weather makes it uncomfortable. Sleep deprivation increases the release of cortisol, a stress hormone that can cause weight gain and stimulate a need for more sugar.

By using Smart Meter’s cellular-connected solutions including the iGlucose, the iBloodPressure and the iScale, providers will receive real-time measurements almost immediately after a patient tests. This can help speed up the health recovery process by making adjustments to care plans more quickly than waiting for an office visit.

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