Using remote patient monitoring in a long-term care facility can save staff time

Nursing teams in long-term care need relief more than ever before. The punishing effect of long working hours, never-ending administrative tasks, and inadequate time for patient care has taken its toll. Let’s take vital signs monitoring across common chronic conditions like COPD and diabetes, as an example. This should be a straightforward part of patient care, but it has turned into a costly process with error-prone manual data entry that can take care teams up to 12 minutes per patient.

The good news is that all this manual data tracking can be replaced by a process that makes for happier staff, better quality scores and a nursing home set apart from its competition. Our technology can bear the burden of vitals data tracking and helps with:

  • Workflow improvements
  • Elimination of data transcription errors
  • More time for patient care
  • Better infection control
  • Additional revenue stream
  • Available for iGlucose, iBloodPressure, and iPulseOx

Why do more than 400 partners choose to utilize our solutions, devices and services?

Smart Meter is the trusted authority used by organizations that want to successfully start, grow, and transform remote patient monitoring programs that improve patient care and deliver operational efficiency. More than 2 million monthly vital health data readings are dependably delivered in real time to our distributor partners across our platform, devices, and services, enabling better-informed clinical decisions. Our innovative cellular-enabled monitoring devices access our exclusive AT&T 4/5G CAT-M network, delivering fast and accurate measurements. While our experienced long-term care team delivers high-quality implementation and ongoing support services to ensure satisfaction.

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