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Smart Meter Announces Expansion of their Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Portfolio with the Launch of iBloodPressure® Cellular Connected Blood Pressure Monitor

January 26, 2021

Smart Meter announced today the launch of the iBloodPressure® Cellular Connected Blood Pressure Monitor. The home-use iBloodPressure Monitor is the only monitor with AutoShare™, a 4/5G LTE communication chip allowing all patient results to be transmitted automatically to RPM portals without the need for syncing, apps, smartphones, WiFi, or docking stations. Uniquely, the built-in enhanced CAT-M technology provides better building penetration reducing interruptions, providing more robust connections for real-time RPM and better clinical efficiencies. More impactful connected care between visits is possible with this technology which sends data and messages directly to the cloud, to patients, caregivers, and clinicians as soon as a patient tests. Patients only need to test, and Smart Meter does the rest.

“Our user base has grown nearly ten-fold, a testament to the fact that Smart Meter makes it easy for healthcare providers, patients and organizations to implement and scale sustainable RPM programs in a matter of weeks, supporting patient populations of all sizes,” says Smart Meter CEO Brahim Zabeli. “Our cellular-enabled iBloodPressure Monitor and iGlucose® Blood Glucose Meter do not require patient setup. Rapid on-boarding and instant transmission of data fulfills CPT® requirements for efficient reimbursement.”

Smart Meter products provide secure, consistent, and accurate data enabling a higher level of patient care and potential to improve outcomes.

“RPM evolved as a rapidly adopted mode of care delivery in 2020, of which Smart Meter has been an integral part in bridging the historic in-person care setting. The addition of the new cellular-enabled iBloodPressure cuff to its digital offerings will complement a growing suite of cellular monitoring devices enabling chronic care disease management. The simplicity of activation, monitoring and utilization of these devices partially circumvents many of the health care access hurdles of digital literacy for the elderly. For clinical care organizations, their job just became easier. Smart Meter’s suite of products now enables RPM to improve clinical and medication adherence as well as endpoint clinical outcome measurements like A1c and HBP,” according to Bill Lewis, MD and Principal at WellMedcare. “These devices should be part of any RPM program.”

For more information or a product demonstration, please contact Smart Meter at 813-773-4080 or e-mail: