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PharmD Live And Smart Meter Team Up For 455 Pharmacist Interventions To Help Improve Patient Outcomes

October 30, 2023

PharmD Live, a pharmacist-led chronic care management (CCM) and medication management program, was founded to improve clinical outcomes and reduce adverse effects due to drug interactions. While PharmD Live has a robust medication management program that is overseen by clinical pharmacists, it has grown to offer so much more than that with the help of Smart Meter’s cellular-enabled remote patient monitoring devices and data.

The PharmD Live team works across multiple disease states and chronic conditions, with a wide range of patient populations, especially geriatric patients, and patients on Medicare and Medicaid. They take a hands-on approach to patient care and work to not only improve health outcomes but also to educate and inspire patients to take on a more empowered role in their health and wellbeing.

“When you compare a patient seeing their PCP (Primary Care Physician) for 15 minutes every six months to spending an hour with a clinical pharmacist every month, you can start to see what a significant impact that plays on their health outcomes”, said Dr. Nwaubani. “We work very closely with their physicians so that there is continuity of care, and they [physicians] have all of the data they need to be able to make informed care decisions and interventions.”

It was this commitment to streamlining the care process, and using data to arm physicians with the clinical intelligence they need to better manage their patients’ chronic diseases that led the team at PharmD Live to Smart Meter cellular-enabled devices. Using Smart Meter’s easy-to-use, one-step medical devices, patient-generated health data is transmitted securely, reliably, and in real-time to a provider.

This offers their patients an effortless way to adhere to their care plans. That, coupled with Smart Meter’s device and logistics management tools and programs, allows PharmD Live to spend more time with their patients and grow their business.

This patient-first approach to care and clinical oversight resulted in 455 pharmacist interventions between July 1, 2022 and January 31, 2023. These are interventions that likely would not have occurred in a traditional care delivery model, or without the expertise of a pharmacist reviewing patient health data.

To read more about PharmD Live’s commitment to improved patient outcomes and successes, please go to Smart Meter’s SmartPartners’ Success Stories page.

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