Real-Time, Reliable Data to Monitor Patient Weight

Smart Meter’s iScale® delivers consistent health metrics to support reimbursable RPM. Featuring Smart Meter’s proprietary AutoShare™ functionality, iScale features cellular connectivity to instantly send measurements to providers.

Cellular connectivity eliminates the challenges of pairing, syncing or Wifi connections that are required with Bluetooth devices ensuring consistent data transmission.

iScale® by Smart Meter Delivers Consistent Patient Outcomes and Integration

iScale is optimized for connected care in a patient’s home. The measurement technology ensures accuracy exceeding that of other connected devices on the market. The iScale has several unique features, making it an advanced method for tracking body weight.
Unique to Smart Meter, iScale has a simple yet robust API, allowing easy integration with a variety of software systems.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Cellular connectivity provides instant transmission of data
  • 30% Larger than standard scales to provide more accurate readings
  • 4″ LCD readout making measurements more visible
  • Non-slip surface provides more safety
  • Can measure up to 551 pounds
  • Can store up to 100 readings

SmartRPM™: Transforming RPM for Chronic Conditions

The SmartRPM solution transforms remote patient monitoring (RPM) for chronic conditions with unmatched data reliability, intuitive devices, and an advanced technology platform.

SmartRPM’s cellular-enabled technologies automatically share patient data (with their healthcare provider), enabling successful, reimbursable RPM programs that improve patient care and support telehealth services.

See SmartRPM in Action

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