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Smart Meter's iGlucose® Diabetes Management Solution Enables Reimbursable Remote Patient Monitoring

April 24, 2018

Solution Supports Reimbursed Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management Programs advancing Connected Health

TAMPA, Fla., April 24, 2018 -- Smart Meter, an innovative diabetes management data, technology and solutions company, today announced that its iGlucose® Diabetes Care Solution meets the requirements for the newly created Remote Monitoring CPT Code, as defined by Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The iGlucose solution, which uses cell-enabled technology to automatically transmit real-time blood glucose results, is providing clinicians with another tool for making connected health more available and more widely adopted, especially in support of chronic care management.

On January 1, 2018, Medicare began reimbursing for technology-assisted remote monitoring of chronic conditions. The new CPT Code 99091, covers remote patient monitoring, which enables providers to get reimbursed separately to stay connected between visits through real time data. This new CPT code, along with those for chronic care management, highlight Medicare's growing recognition of the value and importance of digital tools and devices that collect patient-generated health data, while supporting accessible, quality remote care.

"Our cell-enabled iGlucose System is a perfect solution for the person with diabetes and supports this CMS initiative and reimbursement opportunity," said Cliff McIntosh, CEO of Smart Meter. "Cellular connectivity automatically sends blood glucose results in real time to a secure cloud and eliminates the need for unreliable Bluetooth syncing and pairing, which can be challenging for patients."

The new Remote Patient Monitoring CPT code requires the following criteria, which iGlucose meets:

  • Results must transmit to the provider in real-time
  • There is an active feedback loop to patients via text or email
  • Health data is patient generated
  • Patient data is digitally stored

iGlucose is ready to use out-of-the-box, and does not require smartphones, downloading apps, syncing technology, pairing with other devices or finding available WiFi networks. The real-time data and ability to communicate with patients provides clinicians with an active feedback loop (text/email), enabling better, up-to-date recommendations, which is a core component of the connected health initiative.

The iGlucose cell-enabled diabetes blood glucose system allows test results to be shared with a Circle of Care that can include any number of select healthcare team members and loved ones.  The iGlucose System was also recently approved for patient reimbursement through Medicare making it an affordable, easy to use system for people with diabetes.

"We are excited to deliver an affordable, approved remote care management solution for clinicians to better monitor and manage patients," said Cliff McIntosh, Chief Executive Officer at Smart Meter. "The iGlucose Solution is easy to use for people with diabetes and our cell-enabled technology ensures that their data is secure, organized, and automatically recorded.  Reviewing real time bG results in iGlucose's population management portal offers the clinician workplace efficiencies while fostering patient communication and connectivity."

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Smart Meter, LLC is an innovative diabetes management data, technology and solutions company focused on bringing reliable and efficient device connectivity to their customers around the world. Smart Meter enables the proactive management of diabetes through an innovative and diverse portfolio of data, technology, and solutions. Smart Meter's iGlucose Blood Glucose Monitor is an affordable, state-of-the-art blood glucose meter with built-in GSM (global system for mobiles) connectivity, allowing people with diabetes to create a customizable network of care via a personal web portal. The cell enabled, iGlucose Platform provides a new level of connectivity for the person with diabetes, the health care professional, and the payer, enabling better diabetes management while saving time and money. To learn more, please visit or