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Why Developing A Remote Patient Monitoring Program And Finding the Best Partner To Help Is Essential For Medical Practices

April 16, 2024

In the swiftly changing realm of healthcare, staying ahead means not just keeping pace with advancements but fully embracing them. When a practice integrates Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) into its services —it’s a game-changer for patients, physicians, and the practice managers who typically oversee the program. RPM technology is revolutionizing patient care, offering an unparalleled opportunity to enhance a practice's efficiency, efficacy, and patient satisfaction. Here’s why establishing an RPM program is a strategic move that can enhance the success of a practice and why finding the best RPM or Chronic Care Management (CCM) platform vendor to supply these resources is so vital.

Elevating Patient Care Beyond the Clinic

The essence of medical practice is the commitment to patient well-being, and RPM is a powerful extension of this pledge. It allows for the continuous monitoring of patient's health data from the comfort of their homes, enabling the early identification of concerning trends or acute issues. This capability transforms patient care from reactive to proactive, significantly improving the management of chronic conditions and reducing the likelihood of emergency interventions. When an RPM or CCM vendor helps a practice establish its RPM program, it has been proven to lead to superior patient outcomes and a reputation for thorough, attentive care. In a recent study by BlueStar Telehealth, hypertension patients enrolled in an RPM program with Smart Meter’s iBloodPressure® lowered their systolic reading on average from 153 to 137 mmHg within 10 weeks1. And in a Howard University study of patients with diabetes using Smart Meter’s iGlucose®, 70% of high-risk participants lowered their A1c by an average of 2.8% within 90 days2.

Bridging the Distance

Frequent visits to a physician's office are often impractical, and in some cases impossible, for many patients, especially those in remote or underserved regions. RPM erases these geographical constraints, ensuring that your expert care extends into every patient's home, regardless of physical location. This expansion is not just a matter of convenience but a critical enhancement of access to healthcare, reinforcing the indispensability of a practice to a broader patient base.

Fostering Stronger Patient Connections

The modern healthcare consumer seeks outcomes and engagement. RPM places patients at the heart of their healthcare journey, offering them real-time insights into their health and fostering a deeper involvement in their care process. This empowerment leads to better adherence to treatment plans and encourages a proactive approach to health management. The result? Patients who are more satisfied with their care experience and more loyal to your practice.

Streamlining Costs and Care

Implementing RPM can lead to significant cost efficiencies for a practice and its patients. By optimizing the frequency of in-person visits, RPM minimizes operational pressures and reallocates resources to areas of greater need or opportunity. Moreover, the preventative nature of RPM can decrease the necessity for costly emergency care, offer financial relief to patients, and reduce the strain on healthcare systems. And the right RPM/CCM vendor can tailor their software to fit a practice’s needs, thus reducing unnecessary functions and costs.

Harnessing Data for Precision Medicine

The continuous flow of data from RPM devices provides a rich reservoir of health information, enabling a shift towards more personalized and precise medical care. Analyzing this data can help you tailor treatment plans to individual patient needs, monitor the effectiveness of interventions, and adjust strategies in real-time. This data-driven approach enhances patient care and contributes to the broader medical community by offering insights that can shape future healthcare practices. As the leading supplier of RPM solutions, Smart Meter supports a vast network of the leading RPM and CCM companies certified as SmartPartners™ across the country who can help a practice transform patient care. Their platforms, services, and care support teams combined with  Smart Meter’s private data network and cellular-enabled monitoring devices can provide millions of vital health data readings reliably delivered in real-time, enabling healthcare providers to make better-informed decisions about patient care.

Securing A Competitive Edge

In a healthcare landscape where differentiation is key, RPM offers a tangible way to distinguish your practice. It signals to current and prospective patients that a practice is at the forefront of medical innovation and committed to providing care that is both cutting-edge and deeply personalized. By finding the right partner and implementing an RPM program, the practice can be positioned not just as a choice but as the best choice for discerning patients.

Incorporating RPM into a practice transcends traditional care delivery models, offering a comprehensive suite of benefits that can revolutionize patient care and practitioner experience. From enhancing patient outcomes and access to care to providing personalized treatment plans and improving operational efficiency, RPM stands out as a pivotal innovation in healthcare. As healthcare organizations navigate the future, embracing RPM with the right partner is not just a strategy for growth—it's a commitment to excellence, efficiency, and the well-being of patients and healthcare providers.

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1 - A HRSA funded in-home Remote Patient Monitoring study for a population of 524 FQHC patients with AHA Stage II Hypertension by BlueStar Telehealth.
2 - The Benefits of Remote Monitoring of Real Time Blood Glucose Data Using iGlucose System in Managing Patients with Diabetes, Howard University Diabetes Center.