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133 Million Breached Patient Records in 2023 Builds Demand for Reliable Healthcare Technology Partners

January 31, 2024

The alarming surge in HIPAA breaches persists, with a staggering increase from 51.9 million patient records compromised in 2022 to 133 million in 2023, marking a 256% rise.1 Faced with this relentless onslaught, healthcare providers are intensifying their internal and vendor security measures.

Smart Meter, a premier supplier of cellular remote patient monitoring solutions supporting numerous healthcare programs nationwide, continues to surpass expectations in reliability and security. In 2023, the company's SOC 2 compliant platform managed 1.93 billion records, delivering patient-generated vital signs to healthcare managers. The Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) platform achieved an impressive 6 years of 100% uptime, supporting an average delivery time of 86 milliseconds.

A core principle in handling patient-generated health data is an unwavering commitment to safeguarding patient health information. The potential risks associated with placing patient data in a vulnerable position—subject to theft, modification, or misuse—require careful consideration by healthcare providers, particularly in their choice of RPM solution vendors. Hacking incidents constituted 79.72% of all significant data breaches in 2023.2 Vendor systems must provide an integrated layered security model that connects patient devices to the RPM platform, effectively mitigating these cyber threats.

“Smart Meter is the trusted industry leader in RPM, blending cutting-edge technology with user-friendly solutions that propel success for our customers,” emphasized Bill Bassett, Chief Marketing Officer at Smart Meter. “The unparalleled scale and reliability of our purpose-built RPM Private Data Network, complimented with our proprietary Cellular RPM™ devices ensures prompt delivery of patient-generated vital signs.”

In a strategic collaboration with AT&T, Smart Meter has invested significantly in data security technology. This investment plays a crucial role in ensuring the continuous protection and security of patient data, providing a robust defense against potential HIPAA breaches. Smart Meter's commitment to integrating advanced technology, user-friendly solutions, and robust security measures underscores their dedication to delivering reliable and secure RPM services to healthcare providers and, ultimately, improving, and stabilizing patient outcomes.

About Smart Meter, LLC

Smart Meter is the trusted supplier of Remote Patient Monitoring (“RPM”) solutions. We empower a nationwide network of SmartPartnersTM who are working directly with healthcare providers to transform patient care. Millions of vital health data readings are reliably delivered across our platform to enable real-time, better-informed health care. Our proprietary patient-friendly cellular FDA-registered monitoring devices are connected to an exclusive AT&T 4/5G network to ensure an engaging patient experience for improved adherence. For more information, visit

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