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Smart Meter and Kardio Partner to Serve 500,000+ Ethnic Senior Patient Population in Greater Los Angeles Area

October 12, 2021

Digital Healthcare Provider Selects Cellular-Enabled iGlucose Monitor to Enhance Its Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Program

Smart Meter, the leader in cellular-enabled remote patient monitoring (RPM) data and devices, today announced that Kardio, a digital healthcare-as-a-service provider, has selected its iGlucose® monitor to enhance diabetes management and clinical care in the home for more than 500,000+ senior ethnic patient population including, but not limited with, Korean/Chinese/Vietnamese-born American senior patients. Through this partnership, providers using the Kardio platform will now be able to see their patients' glucose readings in real-time, with no extra steps required from patients.

iGlucose's cellular connectivity with AutoShare™ immediately transmits blood glucose data upon testing, delivering critical high and low readings in real-time to providers. More convenient and easier for patients, results can be viewed immediately by care providers who can react in real-time to adjust diet or medicines, potentially reducing costs and trips to the hospital.

"Our iGlucose monitor fits in seamlessly with Kardio's remarkable community oriented, high-touch approach to its virtual care and home health model," said Casey Pittock, CEO, Smart Meter. "iGlucose simplifies diabetes management for patients and their caregivers, allowing the focus to be put back on the patients, where it should be. We are excited to introduce iGlucose monitoring tools and connectivity to Kardio's providers and patients to enhance the quality care they already offer."

Kardio's all-in-one platform for remote monitoring enables care providers to achieve better health care outcomes for their patients. Kardio's digital health platforms make healthcare more convenient, accessible and affordable for senior citizens.

"We make it our mission to provide a white-glove, quality care experience for our providers and their patients," said Charles Kim, CEO, Kardio. "We are thrilled to partner with Smart Meter to not only take that patient-dedication to the next level, but to also offer providers a tool to increase engagement between visits to reduce hospital readmission rates."

About Smart Meter, LLC
Smart Meter is the leading supplier of cellular-enabled virtual care technologies including the iGlucose, iBloodPressure, iScale, SmartRPM cloud platform, data, and services. Smart Meter's remote patient monitoring solutions are recognized as the standard for the RPM industry and are regarded for their high patient retention and satisfaction. The unique combination of reliable health data, patient-friendly devices, and platform integrations enable and enhance RPM, CCM, Employee Wellness, Population Health, and Telehealth programs for more than 300 RPM distribution partners across the United States. For more information, visit

About Kardio
Kardio is the leading patient-engagement service provider with software/hardware/disease-agnostic platform delivering a culturally customized digital health care for senior citizens focusing in the greater Los Angeles area. Since the inception, our vision is very clear making sure health care we provide is senior friendly, more convenient, accessible and affordable through the use of IoT and digital technology from remote patient monitoring to cognitive assessments. For more information, please visit