SmartTouch is Smart Meter’s proven patient engagement program
guaranteeing adherence in the critical first 30-day window of use and beyond.
The SmartTouch program is a turnkey branded outreach program that helps
patients quickly learn how to use their RPM device(s) and successfully complete their first RPM test.


SmartTouch is Guaranteed to Increase Patient Engagement

Enrolling your patients in the SmartTouch engagement program will increase the testing adherence of your patients. In fact, we guarantee the requirements for RPM CPT codes 99453 and 99454 will be completed or you won’t be billed.
Our guarantee includes:
• The requirement guaranteed for CPT 99453 is the completion of a Service Initiation outreach per enrolled patient
• The requirement guaranteed for CPT 99454 is 16 days of testing data per enrolled patient
• If these requirements are not completed, the program is free for that 30-day period for each patient not achieving the requirement, unless the patient is removed from the program before the end of that 30-day period

SmartTouch Program Includes:

• Omnichannel service initiation
• Monthly omnichannel outreach
• Unlimited Performance Reports
• Monthly CPT Billing Reports
• Opt-out management
• Project implementation


Benefits of Using SmartTouch:

• Eliminates the cost of managing patient engagement in-house
• SmartTouch team is based in the USA
• Patients and providers will be more satisfied and trusting of their RPM program


2 -Estimated based on CPT National Average reimbursement


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