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RPM Software Provider Helps a Clinic Reduce A1c Levels for 84% of Patients Enrolled in a Program that Used the Cellular-Enabled iGlucose for Remote Blood Glucose Monitoring

June 3, 2022

TAMPA, Fla., June 3, 2022 -- Smart Meter, continues to lead the way in remote blood glucose monitoring (RBGM) for diabetes because of its ease of use and its superior cellular-enabled devices that deliver immediate, robust data. The iGlucose® from Smart Meter can provide patients and providers with an easy and effective way to manage diabetes on a regular basis.

According to the CDC1, in the last 20 years, the number of adults diagnosed with diabetes has more than doubled as the American population has aged and become more overweight or obese. In addition, one study2 concluded that 3 out of 10 adults, or about 8 million people, have diabetes but aren’t aware of it.

RBGM is an easy way for physicians to monitor patients that may be at risk for diabetes or patients with diabetes by simply providing a device they can take home. The iGlucose from Smart Meter utilizes the 4/5G AT&T IoT fast and secure network so patients and providers can track blood glucose levels in real time. This allows the provider to make an immediate diagnosis and implement a care program to improve outcomes.

A great example of the impact a remote blood glucose monitoring program can have on outcomes was seen at the Leon Medical Centers in South Florida. In 2021, Working with the Rimidi RPM platform, Leon patients who were considered high-risk with A1c levels above 9% were given an iGlucose and instructed by their doctor how often to take their blood-glucose reading. Of the approximately 225 high-risk patients who were enrolled in the program, 84% of those patients saw a reduction in their A1Cs below 9%, a key indicator of better diabetes control.

“In recent years, it’s been proven that digitally connecting patients to their doctors between visits improves care and outcomes,” said Casey Pittock, CEO, Smart Meter. “The conclusions of the program for Leon Medical Centers’ patients are another example of how powerful RBGM can be. By providing these patients with a cellular-enabled iGlucose that transmits results immediately, it eliminated many barriers to reliable data that are seen with Bluetooth devices.”

While remote patient monitoring has become more popular in recent years, education about its benefits is still needed. In fact, 45% of respondents in a Smart Meter study3 have never heard of RPM. Those who have heard of RPM programs overall feel it would help them increase their testing frequency.

  • More than 75% indicated that they would test the same or more often if they knew their results were being sent directly to their healthcare provider

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Now working with more than 300 RPM distribution partners, who serve more than 120,000 patients, Smart Meter is the leading supplier of cellular-enabled virtual care technologies that include the iGlucose®, iBloodPressure®, iPulseOx®, iScale®, and SmartRPMTM cloud platform, as well as data, and services. Smart Meter’s remote patient monitoring solutions are recognized as the standard for the RPM industry and are regarded for their high patient retention and satisfaction. The unique combination of reliable health data, patient-friendly devices, and platform integrations enable and enhance RPM, CCM, Employee Wellness, Population Health, and Telehealth programs. For more information, visit

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