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Carium Uses Smart Meter Devices To Improve Patient Experiences And Health Outcomes

September 22, 2023
Carium, a virtual care management platform technology, quickly saw growth after the company launched in 2018. Now, they work with some of the largest healthcare providers in the country. As Carium evolved and expanded, the team recognized a technology gap for patients who were unable to utilize Bluetooth-connected devices for remote monitoring. Co-founder Rick Johnston
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Smart Meter Receives SOC 2 Certification Due To Its Robust Security Protocols For Protecting Patient Data

September 18, 2023
Smart Meter, the leader in cellular-enabled remote patient monitoring (RPM) data and devices, has received SOC 2 certification. The certification was awarded by the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA) after an independent evaluation by Schellman & Company, a consulting firm that specializes in SOC assessments, of Smart Meter’s data controls and specifically its
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Testing Adherence Soars to 95% for Patients with Congestive Heart Failure

August 23, 2023
VeeOne’s Switch to Smart Meter’s Cellular-Enabled RPM Devices Drives Testing Adherence, Aiding Chronic Care Management When VeeOne Health, a leading telehealth/virtual care provider, was looking for a partner to expand into remote patient monitoring (RPM), its executive team discovered Smart Meter was the best fit for their patients and clients. The partnership has thrived and
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Dangerous Heat Putting 37 Million People With Diabetes At Greater Risk

July 27, 2023
The extreme heat conditions across the US over the past several months can be hazardous for people with diabetes. When the temperature rises, so does the risk for diabetes patients to suffer acute myocardial infarction (AMI)1, which is the leading cause of death among people with diabetes. In addition, certain diabetes complications, such as damage
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Almost 1 In Every 4 Adult Male Deaths in the United States is Caused by Heart Disease; Hypertension Continues To Be A Leading Cause Of Heart Disease

June 22, 2023
Men’s health issues continue to be a concern in the United States, where men generally live six years fewer than women. The leading cause of death of men in the US is heart disease1 and one of the biggest contributing factors to heart disease is hypertension, which affects a high percentage of men (50%) in
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Remote Patient Monitoring System Provider Finds Greater Success After Switching to Smart Meter’s Cellular-Enabled Devices

June 12, 2023
Founded in 2019 to use technology to help improve patient care and outcomes, CCN Health, a remote patient monitoring (RPM) system provider, quickly began to struggle with customer service issues associated with the Bluetooth® devices it was using. That all changed when they partnered with Smart Meter, the number one supplier of cellular-enabled RPM devices
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35 Million Adults with Hypertension Believe Automated Delivery of Vital Signs to their Provider Would Help Them Better Manage Their Disease

May 11, 2023
The results of the 2023 Hypertension Care Survey, an analysis of patients with hypertension, have revealed essential insights into how remote patient monitoring (RPM) can benefit these patients. Of particular interest is the majority of people surveyed agree that using a connected blood pressure monitor that sends their readings directly to their provider would help
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Smart Meter Debuts Three Proprietary Cellular-Enabled, Patient-Friendly Health Monitoring Solutions Purpose-Built for Remote Patient Monitoring at HIMSS Global Conference

April 18, 2023
New proprietary monitoring devices can help the 157 Million US Adults suffering from chronic conditions, including CVD, CHF, Hypertension, Diabetes, and Weight Management Smart Meter, the number one supplier of remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices, data, and services, supporting a nationwide network of SmartPartners, announces three new products at the HIMSS Global Conference in Chicago.
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Three Innovative Cellular-Enabled Health Monitoring Solutions that Can Help the 157 Million US Adults Suffering from Chronic Conditions to Debut at HIMSS Global Conference

April 14, 2023
New proprietary monitoring devices combine the most patient-friendly experience with the only Private Data Network purpose-built for remote patient monitoring Smart Meter, the number one supplier of remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices, data, and services, supporting a nationwide network of SmartPartners, will unveil three new products at the HIMSS Global Conference next week in Chicago.
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Groundbreaking iGlucose® Challenge Issued for All US Healthcare Payors and Providers to Help Millions of Americans Manage Diabetes

March 31, 2023
Smart Meter today issues the iGlucose Challenge to all healthcare payors and providers in the United States to reduce the cost of care and lower A1C for people managing diabetes. This no-risk, performance-based program is offered by the number one remote patient monitoring solution supplier supporting a rapidly growing nationwide network of SmartPartners. The iGlucose
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