Simple. Convenient. Affordable.

iGlucose® simplifies diabetes management. The immediate cellular transmission of BG readings eliminates the need for pairing, creating manual logbooks or downloading BG results. The ease of sharing real-time data keeps those with diabetes and their Circle of Care informed, empowered and engaged.


The iGlucose® Diabetes Care Solution


iGlucose Blood Glucose Meter

  • Reliable and immediate cellular transmission of BG readings
  • Out-of-the-box ready for patients of all ages
  • Industry standard clinical features for professional outcomes
  • Unlimited test strips with Smart Start program
  • Custom programs available for research, gestational diabetes and employee groups
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iGlucose Virtual Coach

  • Text and email communication
  • Test reminders and alerts
  • Notifications with BG results
  • Messages to engage Circle of Care

iGlucose Personal Web Portal

  • Accurate and reliable BG data
  • Automatically generated logbook and reports
  • User-designated Circle of Care involvement
  • HIPAA compliant

iGlucose Population Management Portal

  • Real-time, reliable and intuitive dashboard showing BG results
  • Focused population and patient data for review
  • Communication with patients needing guidance
  • HIPAA compliant



Diabetes Management:<br>Immediate. Reliable. Actionable

  • Offers seamless recording when BG is checked
  • Highlights critical high and low BG readings to improve patient outcomes
  • Promotes engagement and communication within Circle of Care
  • Allows healthcare professionals to focus on higher-risk patients
  • Priced in line with other diabetes care platforms
  • Custom gestational program available