RPM Drives Better Patient Outcomes

Remote Patient Monitoring: Powered by Smart Meter

RPM using cellular transmitted data makes remote patient monitoring seamless by delivering a dependable information stream of reliable, real-time, actionable data.

  • Monitor highest risk patients between visits
  • Improve national quality health measures (HEDIS, MACRA, MIPS)
  • Increase Practice Equity by meeting RPM CPT requirements
  • Address data and technology constraints with real-time cellular data transmission

Cellular Technology Simplifies Remote Patient Monitoring

Non-Cellular Solutions Create Barriers

Data sharing is complicated for patients, reducing engagement

Data delivery is unreliable, delayed and incomplete due to dropped connectivity

RPM is difficult and ineffective for clinicians and RPM companies due to a lack of quality, real-time data

Cellular Delivers a Dependable Information Stream

Perfectly simple for the patient

Game-changing, real-time cellular connectivity

Transformative for providers & partners

Cellular Remote Patient Monitoring: Immediate. Reliable. Actionable.

Smart Meter eliminates the complex, extra steps – and delay – of sharing health metrics. All patients do is test by pressing a single button on iGlucose and iBloodPressure or simply stepping on the iScale. Clinicians benefit from access to cellular transmitted, real-time, reliable and secure patient data between visits, which can lead to better patient outcomes.

Learn About RPM with Smart Meter

SmartRPM™: Powerful Patient Insights

Smart Meter’s ecosystem of devices quickly and securely delivers powerful population insights that will benefit your patients, practice and hospital system. In as little as 30 days, you can identify:

High-Risk Patients

Identify patients with above-average results, to intervene between visits

Critical Out-of-Range Patients

Intervene with patients experiencing critical out-of-range results to avoid ER visits

Patients’ Testing Compliance

Monitor compliance to intervene when needed for patients not testing to recommended levels

Population Data Insights

Identify other population data trends, to improve your organization’s national quality measures

Reimbursable RPM Is Simplified with Smart Meter

Start maximizing remote patient monitoring revenue

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have recognized the value of RPM and added three new CPT reimbursement codes: CPT 99453, CPT 99454, CPT 99457 and CPT 99458.
Learn more about how iGlucose’s makes reimbursable RPM easier – for both providers and patients – and gives clinicians access to reliable, actionable patient data.
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** CMS Reimbursement National Average; see CMS guidelines for state reimbursement rates