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Siddharth Mundada

Data Enginer

Siddharth has more than three years of robust experience in analyzing data, conducting predictive and descriptive analysis using python and R, developing dashboards using Tableau and proficiency in SQL, using SQL window functions, and creating views of complex queries with multiple constraints. Siddharth develops, constructs, tests, and maintains the data architectures that facilitate reporting and analytical needs for Smart Meter.

Previously Siddharth had worked in Accenture as a Data Analyst, where he was responsible for writing and gathering detailed business requirements and translating them into technical specifications and design. He was also responsible for analyzing the data, performing exploratory data analysis, feature engineering, and then constructing predictive and statistical models to understand the significant trends and patterns in the data to make data-driven recommendations.

Siddharth has a master’s degree in Business Analytics and Information Systems from the University of South Florida and has a Bachelor’s in Engineering in Electronics Engineering from Mumbai University.