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Learn how you can incorporate Smart Meter devices, data collection platforms, and proprietary patient engagement programs into your existing systems, software, and workflows.
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Real-Time Data Collection

Smart Meter devices upload patient data automatically with every test, with no confusing pairing, syncing, apps, or Bluetooth connections required.
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Easy Integration With Your Systems

When your customers’ patients take a reading, their health data is instantly and securely transmitted over our private AT&T network and into your platform.
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Cellular Connectivity

Our cellular-connected devices are powered by secure AT&T networks, resulting in dependable, instantaneous data transmission with every test.


Smart Meter has the capability to ship directly to patients’ homes and provide automatic fulfillment of replacement test strips to patients for our iGlucose device.
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Technical Support

Simply put, we answer the phone. Whether it’s a technical question, or you need help placing an order, we are proud to deliver top-tier customer service.
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Glucose Test Strip Replenishment Program

We track and analyze actual patient usage in real-time and ship refill supplies ensuring patients will always have what they need for their diabetes testing.
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Our Technology

Smart Meter is leading the way in the design and innovation of solutions for remote patient monitoring. All our devices feature our proprietary cellular technology developed by world-class IT experts. And with the purchase of our devices, you will also have access to an exclusive device management platform that allows you to order, track and deactivate any device at any time.


iBloodPressure® is an incredible combination of superior accuracy and affordability to support RPM for blood pressure monitoring.

iBloodPressure® Plus

iBloodPressure® Plus offers voice assist
and dual patient use to support RPM for blood pressure monitoring.

iBloodPressure® 2.0

iBloodPressure® 2.0 offers seamless cellular connectivity to support RPM for blood pressure monitoring.
A&D Medical ISO 81060-2, ISO 9001, ISO 13485 certified company.
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iBloodPressure® Classic

iBloodPressure® offers seamless cellular connectivity to support RPM for blood pressure monitoring.
US and Intl Patents Pending.
Watch the video on how easy it is to use the iBloodPressure®.
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iGlucose® simplifies diabetes management for the patient and provider. The immediate cellular transmission of blood glucose readings eliminates the need for pairing, synching, and Wi-Fi or creating a manual logbook for results. The ease of sharing real-time data keeps people with diabetes and their healthcare professional informed, empowered, and engaged.
US Patent nos. 10311208 , 10783987, 10783988. Canada Patent no. 2953253. UK patent no. GB2542056.
Watch the video on how easy it is to use the iGlucose®.
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iPulseOx® provides cellular-connected measurement of oxygen saturation in the bloodstream, ideal for remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM).
US and Intl. Patents Pending


iScale® offers a patient-friendly design, high-quality performance, and affordability for cellular-connected weight management RPM.
US and Intl. Patents Pending
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iScale® Plus

iScale® Plus measures up to 551 pounds and features a wider-than-normal base for better stability and patient safety for the ultimate in cellular-connected weight management RPM.
US and Intl. Patents Pending
Watch the video on how easy it is to use the iScale®.
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Solutions for Chronic Conditions

We support treatment for chronic conditions including diabetes, hypertension, and obesity through a seamless data stream and simple patient process. Need to integrate data across multiple devices? We've got your customers covered there, too.

Boost Revenue and Patient Adherence with SmartTouch™

Ensuring that patients understand and use their RPM devices is critical. That’s why we offer SmartTouch, our proprietary patient engagement program that guarantees adherence in the critical first 30 days and beyond.

Our Process

See How Smart Meter

Delivers Data.

We provide the backbone that delivers data from the device, onto the cloud, and into the hands of our partners and their customers.
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When a patient takes a reading, their data is instantly transmitted from the device via a cellular network onto our secure data collection platform. From there, our platform aggregates patient data—even across multiple devices—to facilitate intervention.
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Our partners can access a variety of different tools to help categorize patient data, including our unique Threshold Alerts, which inform customers when patient data readings are out of range.
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Need to make an adjustment to the way data or devices work? Partners can access our Smart Solutions Portal to manage devices 24/7, control patient portals, and adjust their RPM system as needed.