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Smart Meter Wins McKnight’s Technology Award for a Revolutionary Remote Patient Monitoring Program in Skilled Nursing Facilities

October 7, 2022

Smart Meter, the trusted authority for remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices, data, and services, was recently honored by McKnight’s Long-Term Care News for a revolutionary remote patient monitoring (RPM) program for care management at a skilled nursing facility. The virtual awards ceremony took place on October 5th.

“Being recognized by McKnight’s validates our efforts to help long-term care facilities improve patient care and operational efficiency,” said Linda Brock, Smart Meter’s General Manager of Long-Term Care. “At a time when staff is stretched thin, our solutions provide immediate help for reducing the amount of time needed to keep accurate records of vital readings like blood glucose and blood pressure.”

The long-term care initiative evaluated and monitored 390 residents with diabetes in 20 facilities from November 28, 2021, thru January 1/2022 in facilities experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks. The intent was to address the challenge of limited staff visitation in the facility required to reduce resident exposure to COVID-19 while optimizing the flow of blood glucose data for medical staff. The iGlucose® from Smart Meter provided real-time blood glucose data analysis that was sent directly to the facility’s electronic health record system. The first day of blood glucose data review and evaluation after telehealth rounds resulted in 192 plan-of-care order modifications to assist in the management of diabetes.

“The benefits of the Smart Meter remote patient monitoring approach promoted resident-centered care that demonstrated operational efficiency, comprehensive physician evaluation of blood glucose readings, and remote clinical decision support,” Clara Berry, RN, BS, MS Ed, Ph.D., a Smart Meter consultant. “The results of this initiative provide empirical evidence that remote patient monitoring can be a huge benefit to any long-term care facility.”

Smart Meter is currently helping improve care management in more than 50 long-term care facilities in the United States. Our commitment to providing accurate data starts with a Smart Meter Support Specialist on-site to train the facility’s staff, ensuring procedural adherence and staff and resident acceptance. These programs utilize the iGlucose for residents with diabetes, the iBloodPressure for residents with hypertension, and the iPulseOx for residents with COVID and Long COVID.

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