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Smart Meter Uses Cellular Technology as Secret Sauce

June 5, 2018

‘If you’re not cell-enabled, you’re not connected’

TAMPA, Fla. – Smart Meter’s iGlucose diabetes care solution has met stringent requirements for reimbursement under the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ new remote monitoring CPT code.

It all comes down to cellular technology, said Cliff McIntosh, CEO of Smart Meter.

“It’s our secret sauce,” he said.

The iGlucose system uses cell-enabled technology instead of Bluetooth, allowing for real-time transmission of glucose test results. The technology is always on and doesn’t require the pairing of devices or syncing of data.

CMS’s Remote Patient Monitoring CPT code requires that certain criteria must be met, including: results must transmit to the provider in real-time; there must be an active feedback loop to patients through text or email; health data is patient generated; and patient data is digitally stored.

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