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Smart Meter Announces Remote Patient Monitoring Growth Milestones: Over 300 Partners Driving Connected Care Through Its Cellular-Enabled Devices

May 20, 2021

Rapid expansion of telehealth and remote care for chronic conditions drives demand for trusted, real-time health data and contributes to record gains in partners, patients, data and revenue.

Smart Meter, the leading provider of cellular-enabled remote patient monitoring (RPM) and connected healthcare, announced today that it has surpassed more than 300 population management accounts now leveraging its cellular-connected devices to deliver real-time, trusted data for monitoring patients with chronic conditions. This is a significant milestone as Smart Meter has more than doubled its total number of partners, including Glutality, 100Plus, Tria Health,, MediCCM, 1Bios, AccuHealth, Desert Oasis and others since last year. This milestone expands its potential end user base to over 100M patients with diabetes and hypertension who now have the option to use its patented  iGlucose® diabetes blood glucose monitor or iBloodPressure® cuff. Patient, healthcare provider and partner growth has contributed to an over 300% revenue growth for Smart Meter.

This continued momentum speaks to the tremendous market opportunity for Smart Meter’s SmartRPM™ platform, including the iGlucose, iBloodPressure, cloud platforms, data and services, which has been accelerated by demand for telehealth and RPM during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We at Glutality are excited to have partnered with Smart Meter due to the high quality, trusted, and reliability of their product,” said Dr. Mark Mitchell, Chief Medical Officer at Glutality. “They eagerly work with us to provide data and solutions to assist in the monitoring and management of our patients with diabetes via remote patient monitoring; and assist us in being able to provide outstanding, high quality care to our patients.”

Unlike Bluetooth® technology, which requires special connections and is complicated for patients and unreliable for providers, Smart Meter’s use of cellular connected devices ensures healthcare providers and partners receive accurate, real-time, and dependable data, with no extra steps necessary for upload. As a result, Smart Meter is now delivering more data points than ever before, a 70% increase over the previous year, supporting better patient outcomes, as well as more dependable reimbursement for providers.

Smart Meter’s SmartRPM platform has also been selected by prestigious academic research partners, such as Northwestern University, University of Texas, Howard University, Xavier University, North Dakota State, University of Virginia and Eastern Carolina Medical Center, to further advance ongoing quality research with real-time cellular connected devices and data.

“Data is transforming the patient-provider relationship; and accurate, trusted data is key. With the healthcare ecosystem adapting to remote care and all constituents experiencing the advantages of remote monitoring for chronic care, we are seeing growing interest in our patient-friendly solutions and in the data we capture,” said Casey Pittock, CEO, Smart Meter. “We are excited to welcome our most recent partners and look forward to continued growth in this area as we expand our proprietary data tools and suite of advanced cellular-enabled FDA registered devices.”