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Smart Meter Launches New iGlucose® LTE Cat-M Powered Diabetes Management System

May 5, 2020

iGlucose Now Utilizes LTE Cat-M1 Technology for the Industry’s Broadest Cellular Connectivity, Enabling Real-Time Remote Diabetes Management


Tampa, Fla.  – Smart Meter, a diabetes management data, technology and solutions company, announced today the launch of its iGlucose® LTE Cat-M Cellular Connected Diabetes Blood Glucose Monitor and Remote Patient Monitoring System. The new iGlucose solution utilizes LTE Cat-M1 technology, the industry’s newest and broadest cellular connectivity available, to provide patients with seamless connectivity to their physicians for remote patient monitoring (RPM).

iGlucose is the first and only blood glucose monitor on the market powered by Cat-M technology, which was developed specifically for IoT devices like those used in RPM and telemedicine. The new cellular technology provides broader geographic coverage, deeper building penetration and longer battery life.

Utilizing the iGlucose platform, patients simply test their blood glucose (BG) and the data is immediately transmitted via AT&T’s vast cellular network to their physician’s office or designated health care provider. The real-time data and ability to communicate with patients provides clinicians with an active feedback loop (text/email), enabling better, up-to-date recommendations, that can help to improve patient outcomes between visits.

“In these times, it’s more important than ever to help people living with diabetes better manage themselves,” said Brahim Zabeli, CEO, Smart Meter. “The iGlucose Cat-M innovation is a big step in assisting clinicians in doing so. Healthcare professionals will receive their patients’ blood glucose readings in real-time and are in a good position to intervene where necessary.”

The iGlucose platform also allows test results to be shared with a Care Circle that can include any number of select healthcare team members and loved ones. The platform is approved for patient reimbursement through Medicare making it an affordable, easy to use system for people with diabetes.

In support of its iGlucose platform, Smart Meter also offers digital resources for partners, including reimbursement guidelines, reports, and customizable communications. Additionally, Smart Meter has developed a website to assist healthcare providers with news discussing RPM, CPT codes, and FAQs with responses from various published sources.

About Smart Meter, LLC
Smart Meter, LLC is the innovator of iGlucose®; a simple, convenient and affordable solution addressing current challenges in diabetes management. The differentiator is cellular connectivity, allowing patients to simply test, and patient data is seamlessly shared with providers in real time. Immediate, reliable and actionable data allows for individualized care, intervention between visits and targeted population health management. With the iGlucose providers have an easy to use tool to improves outcomes, lower costs and access reimbursement through remote patient monitoring. To find out more about how iGlucose is equipping patients, clinicians and partners with Immediate, Reliable and Actionable Data, visit Follow iGlucose on Facebook, Twitter at @iglucose, or LinkedIn at Smart Meter, LLC.

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