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Smart Meter Introduces World’s First Cellular-Enabled Glucose Meter with Notifications and Multi-Language Capabilities

May 4, 2024

Innovative, Patient-Friendly Solution for the Rapidly Growing Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management Markets

Smart Meter, the leading supplier of Cellular Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solutions has introduced a new version of the iGlucose, its patented cellular-connected glucose meter used by over 200,000 people with diabetes since 2019.  The redesigned model, branded iGlucose Plus, has many unique, advanced features that disrupt the remote blood glucose monitoring market and improves access for millions of patients to highly accurate diabetes management technology.

The iGlucose Plus is an innovative glucose meter that is easy to use and requires no synching, pairing, smartphone, or Wi-Fi. It automatically transmits results to the patient’s provider using built-in cellular technology allowing real-time tracking of blood glucose levels from anywhere.

The new iGlucose Plus allows patients to receive important notifications and reminders, both automated and proactively sent from a health care provider or supplier, directly on the device. Notifications can include dietary reminders designed to help patients make better food choices or prescription pick-up reminders from a pharmacy. iGlucose Plus has a clear, color LED screen allowing easier viewing of testing instructions and results, leading to better patient satisfaction and adherence to testing guidelines. iGlucose Plus is available with Spanish language on-screen prompts providing improved access to care to a largely underserved patient population. With over-the-air software updates via cellular connectivity, iGlucose Plus has the ability to add new features at the patient level.

“Smart Meter continues to invest heavily in R&D to improve our solutions to make it easier for patients to test more consistently and improve their outcomes. The new iGlucose Plus is an excellent example of that,” said Casey Pittock, CEO of Smart Meter. “Its enhanced battery life, stronger cellular connectivity, and remote programming capability—combined with our proprietary AI-driven glucose test strip auto replenishment service—make it an exceptional value for our customers and their patients.”

With approximately 5 million people with diabetes living in rural areas, it is important that their physicians have a way to track their blood glucose levels on a regular basis. Because the iGlucose Plus uses cellular networks to send results immediately, these patients can get the proper attention they need without making as many office visit. In a Howard University study of patients with diabetes using the iGlucose®, 70% of high-risk participants lowered their A1c by an average of 2.8% within 90 days¹.

The new iGlucose Plus will be on display at the American Telemedicine Association show in Phoenix, Arizona May 5 – 7 at Smart Meter’s booth #1007.

About Smart Meter, LLC
Smart Meter is the trusted supplier of cellular Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM) solutions. We empower a nationwide network of SmartPartners™ who are working directly with healthcare providers to transform patient care. Millions of vital health data readings are reliably delivered across our platform to enable real-time, better-informed health care. Our proprietary patient-friendly, cellular FDA-registered monitoring devices are connected to an exclusive AT&T 4/5G private data network to ensure an engaging patient experience for improved adherence. For more information, visit

1 - The Benefits of Remote Monitoring of Real Time Blood Glucose Data Using iGlucose System in Managing Patients with Diabetes, Howard University Diabetes Center.