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Smart Meter’s Cellular iBloodPressure Reduces Hypertension in 71 percent of Patients

February 17, 2022

TAMPA, Fla., February 17, 2022 -- Smart Meter, the leader in cellular-enabled remote patient monitoring (RPM) data and devices, recently analyzed the data from users of the  iBloodPressure monitoring device and data platform for hypertension. The data showed that 71 percent of the patients with elevated levels of hypertension saw a reduction after only 3-½ months of using the iBloodPressure.

The iBloodPressure is a cellular-connected blood pressure monitoring system that automatically transmit blood pressure data to a remote patient monitoring system or electronic health record (EHR) system (including PointClickCare). This provides more accurate tracking of blood pressure data and saves staff time in healthcare facilities by not having to manually write down or input results.

During the 14 weeks that results were noted, 88 percent of the participants who had the highest levels of blood pressure readings (Stage II) saw a reduction in blood pressure levels and 75 percent of them stepped down one stage or more. Even the participants who started at a lower level of high blood pressure (Stage I), saw improvements, with 71 percent seeing a reduction in their results and 50 percent stepping down one stage or more.

“Using the cellular-connected iBloodPressure to track trends in a patient’s bloodpressure is easy in any setting and provides greater access to the data for both the provider and the patient,” said Casey Pittock, Smart Meter CEO. “This ease-of-use improves patient engagement so that the patient will utilize the device as prescribed by their provider, which leads to better health outcomes.”

Smart Meter’s iBloodPressure is being utilized in many healthcare settings, including remote patient monitoring programs by physicians, long-term care facilities and home care providers.

“We have seen great results with iBloodPressure from the many physician practices our Remote Patient Monitoring Platform and services support”, said Samson Magid, CEO of HealthSnap. “The health care professionals we serve appreciate the simplicity and reliability of this cellular blood pressure device from Smart Meter.”