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Smart Meter Builds on Role as Innovator in Cellular Remote Patient Monitoring

January 17, 2024

New patents awarded for cellular-enabled RPM™ in the US and Europe

Smart Meter, the leading provider of cellular Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solutions, has recently been granted two groundbreaking patents, expanding its position as a healthcare technology innovator. The integration of cellular connectivity into vital sign monitoring devices for more reliable and effective remote patient monitoring traces back to Benjamin Atkin, a successful serial entrepreneur and founder of Smart Meter. After being diagnosed with diabetes, Atkin quickly grew frustrated with trying to manage his condition with unreliable Bluetooth® glucose meters. He set out to build the world's first cellular-enabled glucose meter and in 2017 received approval from the FDA for the iGlucose® cellular-enabled glucose meter. In 2019, he was granted the related patent for the wireless monitoring of medical test data. Since then, Smart Meter has expanded its intellectual property portfolio, and the latest patents secured by the company build upon this rich legacy of innovation.

Smart Meter has been granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a cellular pulse oximeter system This cutting-edge, cellular-connected system for collecting pulse oximetry data, revolutionizes the interaction with end-users. Patients simply attach the pulse oximeter to their finger, press one button, and after collecting physiologic data, the pulse oximetry system seamlessly transmits information to healthcare providers through Smart Meter’s Private Data Network for RPM built with AT&T. The system modernizes pulse oximetry with features like multi-user capability, voice-controlled interaction, and audio-visual indicators. With the potential to simplify chronic condition management for over 54 million Americans, including those with COPD, heart disease, and post-COVID complications, Smart Meter’s patented solution for pulse oximetry technology, will help healthcare professionals monitor health and reduce costs.

Smart Meter has also been granted a patent by the European Patent Office, titled "System, Apparatus, and Method for the Wireless Monitoring of Medical Test Data,". This patent complements the earlier United States patent awarded to Atkin for the iGlucose cellular glucose meter system, presenting a comprehensive approach for various medical tests. The European patent includes the automatic transmission of aggregated physiologic data results through European cellular networks, enabling wireless transmission, storage, monitoring, notifications, and additional functionalities. This innovative method supports the management of chronic conditions, including diabetes, underlining Smart Meter's commitment to advancing global wireless monitoring solutions for medical test data.

“Innovation is one of the five strategic pillars at Smart Meter and our product development team works at the forefront of new technologies, systems, and processes to facilitate care management for our national network of cellular RPM customers,” said Casey Pittock, CEO of Smart Meter. “We will continue to supply the remote patient monitoring industry with meaningful, technology-driven solutions that deliver relevant data to support better care.”

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