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Smart Meter Announces Successful Launch of iGlucose® in Over 45 Long-Term Care Facilities

July 29, 2021

Cellular-connected blood glucose solution improves efficiencies, infection control efforts and outcomes at facilities nationwide

Smart Meter, the leader in cellular-connected remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices, data and services announced today the launch of its iGlucose cellular-connected blood glucose system in more than 45 long-term care (LTC) facilities across the United States. Smart Meter’s iGlucose now provides more than 1,300 residents and their providers real-time data, a critical factor in identifying out-of-range blood glucose (BG) readings and improving patient outcomes.

Diabetes, a growing concern for older Americans, affects nearly 27% of seniors (65 years old or older) compared to 10.5% of the general population. The American Diabetes Association estimates that 1.5 million new cases are diagnosed each year. Diabetes can be challenging to manage, especially in a long-term care setting where glucose readings may be required multiple times per day to maintain stable glucose levels and determine appropriate medication.

iGlucose is an easy-to-use, single patient use blood glucose meter (BGM) that improves clinical efficiencies, infection control efforts and patient outcomes with real-time data immediately sent to healthcare provider portals and PointClickCare, the leading LTC EHR system. The instant cellular transmission of blood glucose readings eliminates the need for pairing, creating paper logbooks or manually uploading results, which in turn helps improve workflows and ensures data accuracy.

“We are currently rolling out iGlucose in all of our 43 skilled nursing facilities,” said Mary Pfeifer, Chief Operating Officer at Advanced Healthcare Solutions. “The implementation process is going smoothly and our staff is embracing this technology. Caregivers no longer have to worry about lost or missing data; it is captured immediately in the EHR. We look forward to seeing the full impact iGlucose will have for our residents and providers.”

Under recent Food and Drug Administration guidance, iGlucose meters can be used for individual patients residing in long-term care facilities during COVID-19. Key benefits of iGlucose for long-term care facilities include:

  • 24-hour real-time alerts sent to the Medical Director, Director of Nursing and on-call staff
  • Improved staff workflow
  • Automatic sharing of testing data with healthcare providers, eliminating manual recording of readings
  • Immediate visibility of testing protocols and data
  • Potential for reduction in hospitalization and rehospitalization
  • Fewer control solution tests, calibrations, and disinfection cycles from current shared meters
  • Improved infection control efforts - one monitor per patient
  • Potential to improve glycemic control and medication titration

“We are thrilled to work with some of the top long-term care facilities in the country—providing a cellular-connected solution that not only improves the health of residents, but directly increases staff satisfaction,” said Casey Pittock, CEO, Smart Meter. “In LTC facilities we have seen an increase in the number of tests per day and a decrease in the average blood glucose readings of the population. Accurate and real-time communication between patients, their care team and providers is crucial. We are thrilled to provide the iGlucose to these facilities further enhancing their data accuracy, appropriate treatments and improved patient care.”

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