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Smart Meter and Camp Kudzu Team Up for Effective Diabetes Management

December 10, 2018

In October 2018, Smart Meter proudly teamed up with Camp Kudzu, a Georgia-based nonprofit created to make life better for children and teens living with type 1 diabetes and their families. Camp Kudzu aims to help parents of children with diabetes gain confidence, make connections with other families like theirs, and increase their knowledge around effective diabetes management. At Camp Kudzu’s Weekend Family Camp, Smart Meter provided several children and their parents the iGlucose Cellular Diabetes Care Solution eliminating the need for creating manual logbooks or downloading results while at camp.

Following the camp session, a survey of parents was conducted centering around their families’ experience at Camp Kudzu and their overall impressions of iGlucose for real-time data and results sharing. iGlucose received a positive overall rating of 4+ stars out of 5.

Tabitha Wagner, parent of iGlucose user at Camp Kudzu, explains, “We love the iGlucose machine. He has a Dexcom G6, but this is perfect for the occasional finger pricks he has to have.”

iGlucose supports Camp Kadzu’s goal of helping children, teens and their families learn to take care of their diabetes to avoid associated life threatening complications. To learn more about the camp, please click here.