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Remote Patient Monitoring System Provider Finds Greater Success After Switching to Smart Meter’s Cellular-Enabled Devices

June 12, 2023

Founded in 2019 to use technology to help improve patient care and outcomes, CCN Health, a remote patient monitoring (RPM) system provider, quickly began to struggle with customer service issues associated with the Bluetooth® devices it was using. That all changed when they partnered with Smart Meter, the number one supplier of cellular-enabled RPM devices and data.

Co-founders of CCN, Alex Wheeler and Cosmo Cochrane, were faced with two patient issues when using Bluetooth devices. First, the elderly patients they primarily supported found the Bluetooth devices difficult to set up and pair, which led to a lack of use. The second issue they encountered was how Bluetooth devices limited access to care in large part due to the fact that patients did not have smartphones.

Wheeler and Cochrane knew they had to make a change quickly for the business to survive. Partnering with Smart Meter and using its cellular-connected devices led to an immediate reduction in customer issues and allowed them to spend more time developing their systems and relationships with new healthcare providers.

“Not only did switching to Smart Meter’s suite of cellular-enabled solutions alleviate nearly all of the customer service issues we were facing, we were also able to leverage Smart Meter’s customer service for everything else. This really helped us focus on our own growth,” says Alex Wheeler, CEO of CCN Health.”

The story of CCN Health is not unusual in the RPM systems’ market. Many of Smart Meter’s partners have had much greater success when switching from Bluetooth to cellular devices. To read about CCN Health’s success, go to Smart Meter’s SmartPartners Success Stories here.