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Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions Can Help The Nearly 143 Million Americans Keep Weight Loss Resolution During National Staying Healthy Month

January 24, 2023

During January’s National Staying Healthy Month, millions of Americans have made a resolution to lose weight in 2023. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices and data can provide these people with key resources to help them reach their goals of a healthier life this year and beyond.

A recent survey indicated that 43 percent of Americans, or about 143 million people, are committed to losing weight during 20231 and another survey revealed that the average amount of weight a person wants to lose is 29 pounds.2 Unfortunately, 73 percent of people with a weight loss resolution don’t reach their goal3 and many give up during the first few weeks of the year.

“Start with small changes and continue to build on these or try to tackle one change at a time,” said Dr. Carly Moores an associate lecturer at Flinders University and registered nutritionist. “Try to set yourself goals, reflect on your progress towards these, acknowledge that changes can be hard, and results won’t happen overnight … or even in the first two weeks of the new year.”

More and more studies point to the fact that self-measuring (stepping on a scale) on a regular basis can have an impact on helping with weight loss or preventing weight gain. A recent review of those studies found that in 11 of the 12 reviewed studies, more frequent self-weighing was associated with greater weight loss or weight gain prevention. Specifically, individuals who reported self-weighing weekly or daily, typically over a period of several months, held a 1 to 3 kg/m2 (2.2 to 6.6 pounds) advantage over individuals who did not self-weigh frequently.4

By using Smart Meter’s cellular-connected iScale®, the reading is immediately sent to a portal where a person can track their progress over time. In addition, it is also sent to their healthcare professional who can provide guidance and support without the need for an office visit.

Part of the reason for the incredible growth in cellular-enabled devices is the difficulty people have with Bluetooth® -enabled devices. A recent diabetes care study revealed that 55 percent of people using Bluetooth-enabled devices have issues sending their readings to their providers. Smart Meter has become the leader in RPM data and devices because of its reliable cellular-enabled solutions, data, and services. All Smart Meter devices, including the iScale, utilize an exclusive 4/5G AT&T network to transmit readings instantly.

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