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New iGlucose® Easy Care Plan Delivers the Most Advanced, Personalized and Affordable Diabetes Care Right to Your Door

February 26, 2019

Smart Meter, LLC, an innovative diabetes management technology and solutions company and makers of the iGlucose® Cellular Diabetes Care Solution, today announced the launch of the iGlucose Easy Care Plan, a subscription program that offers people with diabetes, or their caregivers, the ability to more conveniently and affordably manage their diabetes care. The subscription plans include a quarterly supply of test strips and lancets, paired with the iGlucose cellular blood glucose meter and access to virtual coaching, which offers vital testing reminders and alerts via text message and email, and real-time notifications of test results to caregivers.

Core to the Easy Care Plan is the iGlucose Diabetes Care Solution, which uses advanced cellular technology to automatically upload a person’s blood glucose results to their secure online logbook, (the iGlucose Personal Portal), as soon as they test. This convenient feature eliminates the need for users to keep a manual logbook and ensures that testing results are up to date and accurate. The meter is ready to use out of the box and requires no extra technology setup or apps to download.

Real-time testing results can also be easily shared with each individual’s Circle of Care, including any number of select family, friends or healthcare team members. iGlucose’s Circle of Care feature is ideal for caregivers of young children or older adults with diabetes, who want to closely monitor their loved one’s diabetes health.

“We are excited about offering yet another option for convenience and simplicity with iGlucose’s subscription program. With iGlucose’s advance cellular solution, your results are instantly recorded in your logbook and shared with your Circle of Care for support, when you chose. Having supplies delivered quarterly to your home so you never run out was the next natural step,” said Cliff McIntosh, CEO of Smart Meter. “Our goal is to offer the easiest diabetes care solution so people can worry less about their diabetes management and focus more on living life.”

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About Smart Meter, LLC

Smart Meter, LLC is an innovative diabetes management data, technology and solutions company that supports and enables connected health through the proactive management of diabetes. Its iGlucose Cellular Diabetes Care Solution provides a global level of simplicity and connectivity so data can be easily shared between the person with diabetes, their health care team, and others providing products or services to improve their diabetes management. To learn more, please visit, follow us on Twitter at @iglucose, or LinkedIn at Smart Meter LLC.