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More Than 16 Million Americans Suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and About 50 Percent of Them Also Have Pulmonary Hypertension

August 12, 2022

TAMPA, Fla. -- Smart Meter continues to transform the remote patient monitoring (RPM) ecosystem, because of its superior cellular-enabled devices and robust data that facilitate better care management. Because Smart Meter can deliver reliable readings, better data, and better outcomes, we continue to be the trusted leader in chronic care management solutions for our RPM partners.

A Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) study regarding the worldwide burden of the disease was released a few months ago and the conclusions were not positive for the United States, which was in the highest rate of prevalence per 100,000 people worldwide.1 Having COPD can also cause the arteries that bring blood to the lungs to thicken, leading to pulmonary hypertension. Approximately 50 percent of COPD patients have pulmonary hypertension.2

"COPD is a major public health problem with extensive healthcare and economic costs."  the authors of the worldwide study wrote. “With an aging population, COPD will continue to become an even greater problem in the future.”

Smart Meter’s cellular-enabled iPulseOx is an effective and efficient method for helping patients with COPD better manage their health. The easy-to-use iPulseOx transmits the patient’s oxygen saturation levels immediately through the reliable and secure AT&T IoT network to their provider. Real-time measurements help providers to make timely, better-informed care management decisions.

In addition, Smart Meter’s iBloodPressure blood pressure monitor is an easy way for hypertension patients to test and send their readings to their providers. This relieves patients of the burden of writing readings down and taking them to their next office visit.

“With these two innovative devices from Smart Meter, our customers are able to expand their solutions to the healthcare industry,” said Casey Pittock, Smart Meter’s CEO. “Our unique cellular technology facilitates the delivery of reliable, accurate patient testing data seamlessly to healthcare professionals via our customers’ platforms.”

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Now serving more than 100,000 patients and transmitting 1.5 million patient test a month to our customers, Smart Meter is the leading, trusted supplier of cellular-enabled virtual care technologies that include the iGlucose®, iBloodPressure®, iPulseOx®, iScale®, and SmartRPMTM cloud platform, as well as data, and services. Smart Meter’s remote patient monitoring solutions are recognized as the standard for the RPM industry and are regarded for their high patient retention and satisfaction. The unique combination of reliable health data, patient-friendly devices, and platform integrations enable and enhance RPM, CCM, Employee Wellness, Population Health, and Telehealth programs for more than 300 RPM distribution partners across the United States. For more information, visit

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