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Mellitus Health and Smart Meter Announce Strategic Partnership for Connected Insulin Titration

September 6, 2018

Insulin Dosing Management Solution Adds Real-time Data from iGlucose® for Optimal HbA1c Improvements and Better Patient Outcomes

TAMPA, Fla., Sept. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Mellitus Health, Inc., the developer of Insulin Insights™, the first FDA-cleared and CE-registered clinician decision-support tool for titrating all types of insulin, all eight standard dosing regimens and 125 combinations of insulin, and Smart Meter LLC, an innovative diabetes management technology and solutions company, announced today a strategic partnership that will bring real-time, accurate blood glucose data to insulin titration.

Through the partnership, healthcare providers using the Insulin Insightsä titration service will now have access to real-time patient data from Smart Meter's iGlucose® Cellular Diabetes Care solution to help calculate precise insulin dosing recommendations for patients. The integration of the two technologies will help healthcare teams achieve HbA1c targets and better patient outcomes.

"We're excited to combine the remote monitoring power of iGlucose's easy-to-use solution with our software's precision insulin dosing recommendations to bring better glycemic control to insulin-using people with diabetes," said Josh Davidson, CEO of Mellitus Health. "A recent remote monitoring study using our Insulin Insights™ software showed a 2.4 percent drop in HbA1c in only 180 days, with no change in patient lifestyle and no severe hypoglycemic events.1 We hope to help many more patients achieve similar life-changing outcomes through our collaboration with iGlucose."

Smart Meter is an innovator in diabetes management systems and makes technology an enabler, not a barrier, to better patient outcomes. Its iGlucose solution removes complex technology issues by using cell-enabled technology to automatically transmit real-time blood glucose results that can be viewed and acted on by a healthcare team. This eliminates the hassles of syncing devices or downloading apps, which can often lead to noncompliance or inconsistent sharing of results.

"Obtaining reliable, timely data to properly dose and adjust insulin has always been a challenge for providers and their patients. Our partnership with Mellitus Health will undoubtedly alleviate hurdles, improve insulin titration recommendations and ultimately deliver better outcomes," says Cliff McIntosh, CEO of Smart Meter, LLC. "We are extremely proud of the role our iGlucose solution will play in improving diabetes management."

1. Davidson MB, Davidson SJ. Effect of remote glucose monitoring utilizing computerized insulin dose adjustment algorithms on A1C levels: a preliminary report. Diabetes 67 (Suppl 1): A234, 2018.

About Mellitus Health, Inc.

Founded in 2014 as Insulin Algorithms by Mayer B. Davidson, MD; Josh Davidson; and Michael Margolese, the Los Angeles firm rebranded in 2018 as Mellitus Health, Inc. Its cloud-based insulin titration software, Insulin Insightsä, works with all eight standard regimens, all types of insulins and 125 insulin combinations, providing precision insulin dosing recommendations to clinicians in just seconds. The FDA-cleared and CE-registered solution accepts readings from all major glucometer brands and integrates seamlessly into existing clinical workflows.  For more information, see

About Smart Meter, LLC

Smart Meter, LLC is an innovative diabetes management data, technology and solutions company that supports and enables connected health through the proactive management of diabetes. Its iGlucose Cellular Diabetes Care Solution provides a global level of simplicity and connectivity so data can be easily shared between the person with diabetes, their health care team, and others providing products or services to improve their diabetes management. To learn more, please visit, follow us on Twitter at @iglucose, or LinkedIn at Smart Meter LLC.