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Getting Smart About Glucose Monitoring

November 14, 2017

Smartphones may be smart, but sometimes they still are not always accessible.

Enter Smart Meter, a Tampa, Florida-based company that has recently gained FDA approval for its iGlucose blood glucose meter, which eliminates syncing or paring complications when trying to share blood glucose test results.

“The future is going to be one in which there is more connectivity and more sharing of data than has taken place in the past,” Brahim Zabeli, vice president of sales at Smart Meter, said. Smart Meter gained 510(k) approval in May and is just starting to bring the product to market, he added.

The iGlucose system is a subscription-free glucose meter that is ready out of the box and automatically transmits data to a cloud-based personalized Web portal. The system also allows for real-time communication between the diabetes patient and the patient’s designated caretakers, according to the company.

In addition to enabling connectivity between practitioner and patient, the Smart Meter incorporates an automated virtual care coach and Web-based patient and population management portal into its total offering. “As patients test their blood glucose, they are given feedback that can come to them via SMS, email or both that gives them an ‘attaboy’ for taking the test, or a friendly reminder or a recommendation if their [test result] is out of range,” Zabeli said. “This virtual coaching piece is a pretty critical part of the product offering.”

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