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Forty-Six Percent of Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Don’t See Their Physicians as Often as Recommended

November 10, 2022

The results of the Diabetes Care Survey, a longitudinal analysis of patients with Type 2 diabetes in the United States, have been released for 2022 and provide important insights into how remote patient monitoring (RPM) can benefit patients with chronic conditions. A key finding was that 46 percent of patients surveyed only see their physician twice a year or less for treatment of their diabetes.

While the number of doctor’s visits mostly depends on the severity of the symptoms, the Centers for Disease Control1 recommends seeing a doctor every three months if someone is having issues controlling their glucose level adequately. Many of those patients must manually keep track of their glucose readings between visits, which makes it difficult for both the patient and the provider to have the accurate data needed for reliable care management.

“Many glucose monitoring systems and test kits are capable of sending your blood sugar test results directly to your doctor,” wrote Sarah Handzel, BSN, RN in a recent article for “Using this information, your doctor can determine how well your treatment is working and recommend changes that may help you achieve better blood sugar control.”

When a provider has real-time, accurate blood glucose readings, they are enabled to make better-informed care decisions to help prevent adverse events. With Smart Meter’s cellular-connected iGlucose® glucometer, readings are sent immediately through the exclusive Smart Meter 4/5G AT&T network to the patient’s provider.

“Smart Meter’s nationwide network of SmartPartnersTM work directly with care providers delivering real-time health data using remote patient monitoring for patients with chronic conditions, including Type 2 diabetes,” said Bill Bassett, Smart Meter’s Chief Marketing Officer. “SmartPartnersTM leverage exclusive cellular connectivity built into our iGlucose Diabetes Management Solution, simplifying how patients measure their glucose readings without needing to log the results. Remote blood glucose monitoring helps patients increase their testing adherence and provides physicians with accurate data for better intervention management.”

You can view the complete results of the Diabetes Care Survey here.

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