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Controlling Hypertension with the Help of Remote Patient Monitoring Can Provide Assistance to More than 116 Million Americans During National Staying Healthy Month

January 26, 2023

There are more than 116 million Americans who must work every day to control their hypertension, and, in fact, only about one of every four manage their condition properly. The cost of helping people with high blood pressure continues to rise and is estimated to be around $131 billion each year.1

Without proper control of high blood pressure, it can lead to many more serious conditions including stroke, heart attacks, heart failure, kidney issues, an aneurysm, and vision issues. And when someone develops co-morbidities, the cost of their care increases exponentially.

One strategy that is recommended to help people who suffer from hypertension is self-monitoring. “The American Heart Association recommends home monitoring for all people with high blood pressure to help the health care professional determine whether treatments are working.” 2 And the Mayo Clinic lists self-monitoring as one of several recommendations for lowering your blood pressure without medication.3

"We're becoming more and more aware of the importance of high blood pressure. Levels we used to think were normal we now associate with worse outcomes, and treating them makes a big difference," said Dr. Emelia J. Benjamin, a professor of cardiology at Boston University and chair of the group that wrote the American Heart Association's "Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics-2019 Update."4

But if someone purchases an off-the-shelf blood pressure monitor, they will need to keep a written record of their readings to share with their provider during an office visit. When someone has to log their readings, it leads to errors and a lack of adherence to testing guidelines, which defeats the purpose of using a home monitor.

By using one of Smart Meter’s cellular-connected iBloodPressure® devices, the reading is immediately sent to a portal where a person can track their progress over time. In addition, it is also sent to their healthcare professional who can provide guidance and support without the need for an office visit.

“With Smart Meter’s reliable and easy-to-use iBloodPressure® monitor, patients are more likely to test frequently, giving their healthcare professional real-time insight into current blood pressure readings,” said Dr. Bill Lewis, a leading telehealth consultant “There have been many patients and providers that have seenn firsthand the positive impact on patient outcomes when our cellular-enabled iBloodPressure monitor is used in a remote patient monitoring (RPM) program.”

The iBloodPressure is one of Smart Meter’s most popular devices because it features cellular connectivity via the secure and reliable AT&T 4/5G network. Once the patient has tested using the iBloodPressure system, the results are transmitted immediately to a provider, with no syncing or pairing required by the patient.

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