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Carium Uses Smart Meter Devices To Improve Patient Experiences And Health Outcomes

September 22, 2023

Carium, a virtual care management platform technology, quickly saw growth after the company launched in 2018. Now, they work with some of the largest healthcare providers in the country. As Carium evolved and expanded, the team recognized a technology gap for patients who were unable to utilize Bluetooth-connected devices for remote monitoring. Co-founder Rick Johnston knew Carium needed to expand its device integrations to provide more options for its clients.

“We are laser-focused on advancing patient-centric care technology that also unburdens and improves the care team experience,” Johnston said. “The patient remains at the center of everything they do, which is one of the reasons that we partnered with Smart Meter for cellular-connected devices.”

Johnston said Carium quickly realized that it could alleviate many of its customer service issues by offering Smart Meter’s suite of cellular devices, circumventing the need for patients to download additional apps, or pair and sync their devices. The ease of use that comes with offering cellular devices, combined with the data security of Smart Meter’s private data network, and real-time, reliable data integration has been another point of innovation for Carium as a result of their partnership with Smart Meter.

Before starting Carium, Johnston and his fellow co-founders were convinced that a well-designed platform would help alleviate pain points for both patients and their healthcare providers alike. They knew that by eliminating tedious, redundant tasks and helping patients communicate with their care team easily and engage in their own health journey, Carium could have a significant impact on patient care and physician satisfaction.

"[Carium] is a great aid in trying to improve health and wellness. It collects all of my health information in one place and provides direct communications with my health coach. I am getting healthier with the help of both," said a patient in a recent review.

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Carium is an advanced, virtual care management platform that drives personalized, informed care journeys from within a patients' daily lives. By automating over 80% of complex workflows and providing rich tools for engagement, Carium enables the care team’s ability to increase touch points, and the patient’s ability to take meaningful action.  Visit us to learn more at and follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.