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A reliable and affordable cellular-enabled service enhancing your practice and engaging your patients
The Complete Solution for RPM
As the leader in remote patient monitoring (RPM), managing over 60 million tests annually, our turn-key solution makes it easy to add the benefits of RPM to your practice. We have a nationwide network of over 200 RPM/CCM companies using our devices, so we can help you easily develop an RPM program that meets your needs. Our FDA-cleared, patient-friendly monitors deliver real-time health data, helping your team make better-informed care decisions in a HIPAA-compliant process. Our monitors and meters help support a wide range of chronic diseases.

Our program for providers includes:
• Proprietary, FDA-cleared, cellular-enabled monitoring devices delivering reliable, secure nationwide coverage
• No upfront capital expense using our pay-as-you-go model with an onboarding grace period
• A comprehensive package that includes monitoring devices, shipping logistics, patient onboarding, ongoing support, billing data
• Automated test reminders to help patients achieve optimal testing rates using humans and AI (e.g., 16 days of testing defined by CMS)
• The ability to capture additional revenue through reimbursable RPM billing codes
• Automated replenishment program for strips and lancets for glucose meters

Smart Meter is the No. 1 Supplier of Devices and Data for RPM because:
• We offer the only private data network for RPM in the U.S.
• We have cellular-connected devices that are easier for patients to use
• We simplify the deployment and management of an RPM program with logistics, support, and patient engagement
• We offer a 100% Quality Guarantee – if something doesn’t meet your standards, we will resolve the problem to your satisfaction

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