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Blood Glucose Testing for Diabetes: How to Choose the Right Meter for You

October 25, 2018

An important part of diabetes management is regularly testing your blood glucose. With so many meters on the market, it can be challenging to sort through all the options. Here, some guidance and a video demonstration of how to use a meter.

If you have diabetes—regardless of whether it's type 1 or type 2—regular testing of your blood glucose levels is one of the best ways to understand your diabetes. The information you gather will help you understand how medication, food, and activity affect your blood sugar.

Your doctor may ask you to test your glucose several times a day and can use the data you collect to see patterns and adjust your treatment, if necessary. There are literally dozens of blood glucose meters (also called glucometers), test strips, and lancet options available for home use. Many of today's meters are tech-enabled, meaning the information can be downloaded onto an app on your smartphone or uploaded to your computer. Some can communicate directly with your pump or health care providers and some can save the data directly to the cloud without involving other devices.

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