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35 Million Adults with Hypertension Believe Automated Delivery of Vital Signs to their Provider Would Help Them Better Manage Their Disease

May 11, 2023

The results of the 2023 Hypertension Care Survey, an analysis of patients with hypertension, have revealed essential insights into how remote patient monitoring (RPM) can benefit these patients. Of particular interest is the majority of people surveyed agree that using a connected blood pressure monitor that sends their readings directly to their provider would help them better manage their condition.

There are more than 65 million Americans that suffer from high blood pressure and 53% of those surveyed said that if they knew their results were being sent to their provider, they would test more consistently. In addition, 53% also said that an RPM program could help them better manage their disease.

“Having a remote patient monitoring program for individuals with hypertension or people that are at-risk for hypertension provides many advantages to the patient and their physician,” said Dr. Bill Lewis, a national telemedicine consultant and prior Chair of the Telemedicine Accreditation Committee. “Sending their results immediately with cellular-connected devices provides accountability to the patient and visibility to the doctor.”

In addition, there is an incredible opportunity for RPM companies to grow their business. Only 42% of survey respondents said they have heard of or are currently enrolled in a remote patient monitoring program, meaning that many healthcare practices and systems are missing out on a valuable care tool. Establishing an RPM program has never been easier thanks to advanced cellular-connected devices that provide immediate, secure, and reliable transmission of readings.

“Healthcare providers can help improve patient outcomes when they utilize a remote patient monitoring program from one of our partners,” said Smart Meter CEO Casey Pittock. “We have seen many cases of improved patient adherence to their testing protocols when patients know their doctor can immediately review their results. This improved testing adherence delivers more reliable data, facilitating the providers’ ability to make care plan updates.”

Smart Meter’s cellular-enabled iBloodPressure® systems offer patients an easy way to test, with readings sent immediately to a provider through the only private RPM network in the US.

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