Transforming RPM for Chronic Conditions:
The SmartRPM™ Solution

The SmartRPM™ solution transforms remote patient monitoring (RPM) for chronic conditions with unmatched data reliability, intuitive devices, and an advanced technology platform. SmartRPM’s cellular-enabled testing devices automatically share patient data (with their healthcare provider), enabling successful, reimbursable RPM programs that improve patient care and complement telehealth services.

Provides Unparalleled Data Reliability

  • Delivers reliable, consistent data to support reimbursable RPM
  • Offers cellular-connected devices with Smart Meter’s AutoShare™ technology
  • Provides robust CAT-M connectivity, unlike any other devices available
  • Uploads data automatically every time patients use a device, eliminating the challenges of Bluetooth, additional apps, and data transmission

Enables Rapid Implementation of Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Easy to implement API, with patient data collection beginning in a matter of weeks – and immediately upon patients’ first test
  • Seamlessly scales to meet needs of small and large providers
  • Maximizes revenue by identifying met requirements of designated CPT codes for reimbursement

Better Patient Outcomes

Equipped with quality data and real-time patient health metrics – such as blood glucose, blood pressure and body weight – providers are empowered to offer optimal care and make better health decisions through easy-to-integrate API data feeds or provider portals.

Importantly, the SmartRPM solution enables actionable intervention—allowing caregivers to react quickly to critical, out-of-range measurements.

And Smarter Patient Support

  • SmartRPM enables flexible device distribution, including direct-to-patient delivery
  • Manages all device and data logistics
  • Eases patient testing by eliminating reporting requirements
  • Offers training and support for providers, patients, and caregivers

Supports Treatment of Multiple Chronic Conditions

  • Provides optional treatment for diabetes, hypertension and weight management, with the ability to support more in the future
  • Harnesses a seamless data stream with minimal patient effort – with no syncing, Wi-Fi, dongles, or apps
  • Integrates data from multiple devices for a single comprehensive picture of patient wellness

See SmartRPM in Action

Learn how we can help you rapidly implement a customized reimbursable RPM solution.