This Agreement (“Agreement”) is made as of the date signed below by Smart Meter LLC (“Smart Meter”).

1. The undersigned (“Company”) desires to reproduce and publicly display certain product(s), product likeness(es), copyright(s), trademark(s), artwork, tagline(s), insignia, indicia, and/or logo(s) of Smart Meter’s products (“Product Likeness”) in connection with the promotion, marketing, sale and dispensing of such products. Smart Meter owns the copyrights to the Product Likeness and desires to allow Company to reproduce and publicly display them for reasonable purpose as set forth herein.

2. Smart Meter hereby grants to Company a limited, royalty-free right to reproduce and publicly display the Product Likeness solely for such purposes. Company may not use the Product Likeness for any purpose competitive to the products or in a way which defames or disparages Smart Meter or its products or which otherwise detracts from the value of Smart Meter’s products.

3. This agreement and the permissions granted hereunder may be revoked by Smart Meter at any time upon written notice to Company and Company will immediately cease any further use of the Product Likeness.

Smart Meter, LLC