Cellular Connected RPM Devices Help Physicians Overcome Barriers to Patient Adoption – Download Our Flyer That Shows Why

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) programs have historically relied on Bluetooth technology which can be unpredictable and difficult for patients to use. Lack of data and reduced patient engagement may be limiting your RPM program growth.

Smart Meter’s iGlucose , iBloodPressure, iPulseOx, and iScale cellular connected devices are ready to use out of the box, with no pairing, syncing or poor internet connection to worry about.

Healthcare Professionals (HCP) perceive these top barriers to patient adoption and access to remote care:
• Reduced physician adoption1 – the top 3 HCP concerns over patient RPM adoption are created or exacerbated by the burdens caused by the use of Bluetooth.
• Increased patient drop out2 – waning upload frequency predicates patient drop off.
• Missing billing data – multi-step syncing and reliance on internet connections enhances the chance of missing a billing opportunity for lack of 16 data days in RPM programs.

Cellular devices are easier for patients to use and therefore:

  • Delivers better data to healthcare providers for RPM billing and reimbursement
  • No special training or additional tech support needed
  • Real-time data is transmitted reliably to Smart Meter’s secure cloud, to a patient portal and then to your healthcare provider


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