Leverage Real-Time, Reliable Data to Support Patients with Hypertension

Smart Meter’s iBloodPressure® 2.0 was developed in conjunction with A&D Medical, a world leader in the medical device industry, and delivers consistent health metrics to support reimbursable RPM. Featuring Smart Meter’s proprietary AutoShare™ functionality, iBloodPressure is the only blood pressure monitoring device to offer robust CAT-M connectivity.

iBloodPressure 2.0 uploads data automatically – every time patients test – eliminating the challenges of pairing Bluetooth and additional apps, ensuring consistent data transmission.


Better Patient Outcomes and Integration:
The iBloodPressure® 2.0 Difference

iBloodPressure 2.0 is optimized for connected care in a patient’s home. The measurement technology ensures accuracy exceeding that of other connected devices on the market. The iBloodPressure 2.0 also has an irregular heartbeat alert.

Unique to Smart Meter, iBloodPressure 2.0 has a simple yet robust API, allowing easy integration with a variety of software systems.


iBloodPressure® 2.0:
Key Features and Benefits

  •  Cellular connectivity with no apps, syncing, pairing, or uploading of results
    • Utilizes the AT&T network that is safe and secure, with data storage in the USA
  • Lightweight design with a large-screen display
  • Simple, one-button operation
  • Irregular heartbeat alert
  • Adjustable large cuff size

SmartRPM®: Transforming RPM for Chronic Conditions

TheSmartRPMTM solution transforms remote patient monitoring (RPM) for chronic conditions with unmatched data reliability, intuitive devices, and an advanced technology platform.

SmartRPM’s cellular-enabled testing devices automatically share patient data (with their healthcare provider), enabling successful, reimbursable RPM programs that improve patient care and support telehealth services.

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